ME-BIO-POL Laboratory Polarizing Microscopes
Transmitted Models  Transmitted & Incident Models
 Heads Monocular, 45° inclined 54mm-74mm Binocular, 45° inclined interpupillary range  Monocular, 45°inclined 54mm-74mm Binocular, 45°inclined interpupillary range
Polarizing intermediate attachment Magnification 1.2X, Swing-in/Swing-out analyzer. Built-in Bertrand lens unit on rotating turret for conoscopy. DIN standard compensator slot, 20x6mm.
Nosepiece Quadruple revolving nosepiece, ball bearings, with individual centering mounts for 4X and 40X objectives.
Coaxial focusing knob Range of coarse and fine adjustment: 17mm coarse and 1.4mm for the fine adjustment travel. Range of coarse and fine adjustment moving on ball bearing: 35mm coarse and 1.4mm for fine adjustment travel.
Ball Bearing Stage 150mm circular graduated stage with 1° increments and vernier reading 59 6'. Locking clamp for stage rotation. Two stage clips, Attachable mechanical stage is available as option.
Substage Rack and pinion movement with 10.5mm range.
Polarizing Condenser  Fully rotatable on strain-free Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25. Polarizer graduated every 45° and marked 0, 90, 180 and 270. Click stop at position "0", can be fine adjusted.
 Illumination System Transmitted illumination, 6V 20W quartz halogen lamp with transformer and variable intensity control built-in base. Transmitted and vertical illumination, 6V 20W quartz halogen lamp with transformer and variable intensity control built-in base. Simple switch-over from transmitted to vertical light. Field and aperture diaphragms for Koehler type illumination with polarizer rotatable 90°.
Strain-free Objectives PO Achromat A4X/0.10 A10x/0.25A40x/0.65 (spring) PO Achromat (Brightfield) M5X/0.10 M10x/0.25 M40X/0.65 (Spring)
 Focusing Eyepieces EWF10X with crossline EWF 10X with crossline, EWF 10X EWF 10x with crossline  EWF 10X with crossline,EWF10X
 Compensator Plates  1st order red sensitive tint plate 1/4 wavelength retardation plate
 Filter  With blue filter
Optional Accessories • Strain-free semi-plan objective
For Transmitted Light microscopy
PO A20X (N.A.0.40), spring-loaded
PO A100Xj(N.A.1.25), spring-loaded
For transmitted incident light microscopy
PO M20X (N.A 0.40), spring-loaded
Extra centering mount for accessory objectives
Focusing eyepiece EWF10X with microscale 10mm in 0.1mm Attachable mechanical stage PMA
For the rotating stage, working range: 25mm x 25mm

All specifications subject to change without prior notice.