ion 4.3″

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UNITRON’s new digital hand-held microscope provides crystal-clear images for inspections and quality control. With a unique near and far focus feature, built-in adjustable LED lighting, integrated stand and ability to capture images, the ion 4.3″ is a great tool for portable digital inspection.

Key Features

  • Magnification range of 4x – 14x
  • On-screen measurement via integrated X-Y dimensioning grids and cursor functions
  • Stores up to 100 images with date stamp for accurate records
  • Portable, with 5 hour battery life
  • Built-in LED lighting





Screen Size/Resolution 4.3″ diagonal TFT display; 480 x 272 pixels
Magnification Far focus: 4x-8x; Near focus: 7x-14x
Working Distance 7x magnification: 12mm; 14x magnification: 24mm
Image Storage Mode 100 images in 480×272 pixels; 24-bit bitmap format transferable to PC via micro USB
Depth of Field 3.5cm in overview; 1.5cm close
Dimensioning Cursors/Grids Yes
Sensor 3MP CMOS, RGB565 video at 30 fps
Battery/Charger Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery; 5 hours of use time; 4 hours charge time with supplied 100v-240vac 50/60Hz charger/adapter
Connection Cable Micro USB
Unit Supply Voltage 5v DC, micro USB Connector
Weight 225g