LUXO Stereo Microscopes

All LUXO Microscopes by UNITRON® models feature high-quality achromatic lenses with anti-reflective coatings for superior visual clarity. Optional eyepieces and accessory objective lenses can be added to provide a wider range of magnification powers. A choice of lightsources and mounting options enable the product set-up best-suited for each individual application. Digital imaging systems are configurable to allow capturing of images to catalog or share inspection results and observations, for archiving or communicating electronically. The end result is increased productivity with an easy-to-use product line.

VIP Microscope

VIP Microscopes

The Variable Inclination Position Microscope (VIP) features an extended magnification range and ergonomically-designed eyepiece adjustment intended to eliminate neck or muscle fatigue.

System 373 - ESD-Safe

System 373 ESD-Safe

ESD-Safe System 373 Trinocular and System 373 TRU Trinocular Stereo-Zoom Microscopes are specifically designed for training and documentation purposes with optional digital accessories for image capture.

System 273

System 273

System 273 Binocular Stereo-Zoom Microscopes are perfect for assembly and rework applications due to it’s industry-leading 23mm optics system and nearly 8″ of working distance.

System 250

System 250

System 250 Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscopes are ideal microscopes for the economical user. With a 20mm optics system and single boom stand, these microscopes are best-suited for lighter-duty inspection applications.