System 273 Binocular Microscopes

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System 273 Binocular Stereo-Zoom Microscopes are perfect for assembly and rework applications thanks to their industry-leading 23mm optics system and nearly 8” working distance (when used with a 0.5X reducing lens). The System 273 family of microscopes features optional eyepieces, objective lenses, mounting options and light sources that allow an operator to increase magnification, working distance and flexibility to suit their individual needs. Luxo® by UNITRON® offers several of the most popular models through the 72-hour Quick Ship Program.

Several System 273 configurations and light sources are available in
ESD-Safe versions, specifically designed for use in static sensitive environments where electrostatic discharges can prove fatal for electronic components. Microscopes ship with 10mm static grounding cables, metal boom stand bushings and metal pads on the microscope base. The body and stand are powder-coated with a metal-laced paint that measures
105 Ω/sq. (static dissipative). Since the surfaces are no longer insulative, triboelectric charging results in drastically lower voltages, especially since any charge (under 50 volts) is uniformly distributed throughout the entire surface of the microscope.

Standard Specifications

  • 0.7x – 4.5x zoom magnification range controlled by graduated knobs on both sides of the viewing head
  • Magnification range 7x-45x
  • High-quality achromat lenses with anti-reflective coatings
  • 8″ working distance (when used with a 0.5x reducing lens)
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum housing
  • SWF10x/23mm eyepieces with eyeshields
  • Dual boom roller-bearing stand with 17.5″ vertical and 26″ horizontal reach (10″ x 10″ base), Non-illuminated Stand with 11″ vertical post or 34″ Articulating Arm with Vertical Extension

Optional Accessories

Luxo Illuminators: LED-3000 Ring Light, Dimmable LED-High Output Ring Light, Dimmable LED Ring Light, Fiber Optic Illuminators, and Fluorescent Ring Light; 0.5x, 23mm reducing lens (CAT# 23750); and 0.7x, 23mm reducing lens (CAT# 23736).

Pre-Configured Systems

System 273RB-RLI

System 273RB-FL


System 273AC

System 273

System 273-ESD

System 273VE

System 273RB-LED-ESD

System 273RB-DMLED

System 273RB-DMLED-HO

System 273-LED3000

System 273VE-LED3000

System 273LS-LED3000

System 273LS

System 273 / 373 Optical Data


Objective Zoom Setting 0.7X – 4.5X









Total Magnification (Range)

7X – 45X

3.5X – 22.5X

4.9X – 31.5X

14X – 90X

Field of View (mm)

32.8 – 5.1

65.7 – 10.2

46.9 – 7.3

16.4 – 2.6


Total Magnification (Range)

10.5X – 67.5X

5.3X – 33.8X

7.4X – 47.2X

21X – 135X

Field of View (mm)

24.3 – 3.8

48.6 – 7.6

34.7 – 5.4

12.1 – 1.9


Working Distance (mm)