VIP Microscope

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The Variable Inclination Position Microscope (VIP) features an extended magnification range and ergonomically-designed eyepiece adjustment to reduce neck and muscle fatigue. Variable inclination allows for individualized adjustability so each technician can maintain a comfortable and correct posture during use – neck straight, eyes forward.

The magnification range and variable inclination eyepieces are coupled with a dual boom ball-bearing stand making the VIP microscopes ideal for a diverse range of inspection applications. The result is a microscope that adjusts for each individual user.

Standard Specifications

  • 0.8x – 5.0x zoom magnification range controlled by graduated knobs on both sides of the viewing head. A click-stop detent at each whole marking on the zoom knobs helps to hold the magnification
  • Magnification range 8x-50x (4x-25x when used with the included 0.5x reducing lens)
  • High-quality achromat lenses with anti-reflective coatings
  • 8″ working distance (when used with a 0.5x reducing lens)
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum housing; body and stand are powder-coated with an ESD-safe metal-laced paint that measures 105 Ω/sq. (static dissapative)
  • SWF10x/23mm eyepieces with eyeshields
  • Variable inclination eyepieces allow 0°- 30° individualized adjustability; 360° head rotation in its focus mount
  • Dual boom roller-bearing stand with 17.5″ vertical and 22″ horizontal reach (10″ x 10″ base)

Optional Accessories

Luxo Illuminators: LED-3000 Ring Light, Dimmable LED-High Output Ring Light, Dimmable LED Ring Light, Fiber Optic Illuminators, and Fluorescent Ring Light; 15x/23mm eyepieces (pair) (CAT# 23760).


VIP Optical Data


Objective Zoom Setting 0.8X – 5.0X







Total Magnification (Range)

8X – 50X

4X – 25X

Field of View (mm)

28.8 – 4.6

57.5 – 5.8


Total Magnification (Range)

12X – 75X

6X – 37.5X

Field of View (mm)

21.3 – 3.4

42.5 – 6.8

Working Distance (mm)