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CAT #14620

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CAT #14620
Shown with optional camera

UNITRON’s new MEC4 inverted metallurgical microscope is designed for the examination and analysis of metallurgical samples and prepped material for the automotive, aerospace, medical device and electronics industries. The compact design of the MEC4 makes it an affordable inverted microscope with outstanding optical performance, perfect for in-line sample inspection for manufacturing, production and assembly applications where strict control of materials is required.

The MEC4 delivers, bright, crisp images at all magnification levels. With a wide range of
c-mount adapters, the MEC4 can easily be connected to our Excelis HD or Lumenera® digital cameras for easy image processing. Designed for brightfield and simple polarization observation, the MEC4 delivers professional features at an affordable price in a compact, easy to use design.

Standard Specifications

  • Infinity M Plan achromat LWD 5x, 10x, 20xR, and semi-apo 50x objectives
  • Brightfield and simple polarizer/analyzer
  • Vertical action movement revolving nosepiece (fixed stage)
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls
  • Quintuple nosepiece
  • Attachable mechanical stage, with right hand coaxial controls; Ø12mm and Ø25mm aperture teardrop stage plate inserts; Travel range: 120mm (X) 78mm (Y)
  • 5 watt variable LED illuminator, built-in lever type condenser, field and aperture diaphragms, filter slider for blue, green and frosted filters
  • WF 10x/22mm focusing eyepieces with roll-down eyeguards; eyepieces accept 26.5mm reticles
  • 45⁰ inclined trinocular viewing head with 54-75mm interpupillary adjustment
  • Imaging port: 100% binocular, or 20% binocular / 80% camera
  • Filters, (32mm in mount), daylight blue, green, and frosted

Optional Accessories

  • 100x dry objectives
  • Digital cameras with measurement software
  • C-mount adapters: 0.35X, 0.50X, 0.65x,  and 1X
  • Reticles: crossline, grid, Austenite grain size and custom patterns
  • Stage micrometers, Metric (mm) and English (inches) with NIST traceability
Optical Data
CAT# Magnification N.A. Working Distance (mm)
146-15-05 5x 0.15 10.8
146-15-10 10x 0.30 10.0
146-15-20 20x 0.45 4.0
146-15-50 50x 0.55 7.9
146-15-100 100x 0.80 2.1