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CAT #14210
(Shown with optional camera)

We’re sorry . . . the RMM2 Microscope has been discontinued.

The Unitron RMM2 Rollscope Microscope is a portable metallurgical-materials microscope for non-destructive or destructive microstructural analysis, measuring and photography of inaccessible or large objects that cannot be placed on the stage of an ordinary microscope.

Key Features

  • Unique roller feet design permits easy movement over large flat or curved surfaces for inspection
  • Built-in photo port for simple and easy adaptation for digital imaging
  • Portable with battery operation and hard sided aluminum carry case for field operation
  • Precise three-dimensional measuring capability
  • Heavy duty stand designed and built to withstand years of use

Common Uses

  • Aviation – to inspect structural integrity of parts and components
  • Printing – measurement of Gravure cells and Anilox rolls
  • Field metallography
  • Ship hull and press vessel examination
  • Rolled materials inspection
  • On-site failure analysis

Standard Specifications

  • Plan achromat 5x, 10x, 20x, and 50x objectives
  • Brightfield observation
  • Rack and Pinion coarse focus 60mm vertical travel with precise micrometer screw fine focus mechanism
  • WF 10x eyepiece with built-in diopter adjuster, 22mm field of view and 10mm/100 division crossline reticle
  • Quadruple revolving nosepiece
  • Rack and Pinion controls for graduated movement; Stand will move 40mm (X) and 50mm (Y)
  • Variable 6 volt 20 watt Koehler type vertical halogen illuminator with field diaphragm for both AC and DC operation; built in filter slots
  • Green and yellow filters
  • Physical weight: 9lbs.
  • Dimensions (W/D/H): 9″ x 11″ x 10″
  • Shipping weight and dimensions with aluminum hard sided carry case (W/D/H): 28lbs.; 21″ x 14″ x 16″

Optional Accessories

  • 40x, 60x and 80x Plan Achromat objectives
  • Digital cameras with measurement and materials software
  • Digital still cameras, analog color and black and white c-mount cameras
  • Video c-mount adapters with 0.5X, 0.67X and 1X magnifications
  • Reticles: grain size, crossline, grid, metric, inch, austenite, and custom patterns
  • Stage micrometers in inch or metric rulings with NIST traceability
  • Filters: neutral density 24 mm in mount; polarizing in mount with analyzer