Mask Alignment Microscope

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UNITRON’s mask alignment microscope is a comparison microscope for viewing two objects simultaneously which permits inspection and accurate alignment of registration marks on masks and wafers.

Key Features

  • Modular system that readily adapts to most existing mask aligner instrumentation
  • Provides erect non reversed images
  • Images can be viewed as 100% right, 100% left, split or superimposed. The split image dividing line is adjustable from no line to one of any desired line widths.
  • On axis illumination


Optical System

Cat #15912

  • Optical head (1x) Erecting and image splitting prism system with control knob to select percentage of split field viewing
  • Push-pull control knobs for each objective holder to adjust objective separation from 24mm-110mm
  • Dovetail slideway for optional focusing mechanism or to mount directly onto aligners that have vertical focusing

Viewing Heads

Both viewing heads are supplied with bayonet mounts to fit the precentered ring mount of the optical head.

For visual observations only, users may select a binocular viewing head. If users want both visual observation and to capture digital images or observe via a CCTV camera system, a trinocular viewing head is available.

Catalog # Description
15152 Inclined binocular viewing head with interpupillary and diopter adjustment
3158-00 Trinocular viewing head with 23mm photo tube; selector knob directs 100% of light to the binocular tubes, or 20% to the eyepieces tubes and 80% to the photo tube

Focusing Control

Cat #15913

  • Rack and pinion coarse focus control and separate precision micrometer screw fine focus controls graduated in 0.0001 mm (1um) divisions with dovetail to fit slideway on optical head
  • Supplied on four-hole plate for convenient mounting on aligners and other fixtures


Catalog # Magnification Field of View
3110-15 HWF 10x 20mm
3106 WF 15x 15mm
3107 WF 20x 11mm


Catalog # Magnification N.A. Working Distance
15919 Paired 5x Color coded red, 0.12 18mm
15920 Paired 10x Color coded yellow, 0.30 11mm
15921 Paired 15x Color coded black, 0.25 12.5mm

Fiber Optic Illumination

Catalog # Description
16096 Dual branch flexible 36” long fiber guides with .125” active fiber diameter
16102 150 watt fiber optic power supply