Since 1952, Unitron has designed and manufactured  microscopes and telescopes for every type of industry and users.

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Educational, Biological & Stereo Microscopes...
ED-U-SCOPE SERIES - The Ed-U-Scope Student Microscopes are competitively priced, easy to use, student proof, quality microscopes.
Four models to choose from; two elementary level and one high school level compound biological microscope and one fixed 20x magnification stereo microscope.
Unitron Ed-U-Scope C
Full-field illumination. Elementary student auto-illumination biological microscope features compact metal construction and simple operation. Ideal for starting biological study.
Unitron Ed-U-Scope CF
360° Rotatable monocular body. Advanced student auto-illumination biological microscope. Built-in safety features such as locking eyepiece, retractable 40X objective and enclosed electrical system. For advanced biological and beginning medical studies.
Unitron Ed-U-Scope CM
Student Proof construction. Student mirror type biological microscope — reasonably priced and easy to use. Based in the initial microscope design which can be used in a laboratory or out in the field.
Unitron Ed-U-Scope
Basic student stereo microscope. Stereo Ed-u-Scopes are ideal for student viewing of gross material such as plants, insects, rocks, electronic components and metal parts.

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